5 Famous Actresses That Use CBD Oil Publicly

No one in Canada can deny the popularity of CBD oil at this point. From its health benefits to its versatility, CBD oil is one of the best CBD products you can buy today in Canada. Everyone from all backgrounds has tried CBD like the best pre rolls canada and fallen in love with it. And now, we’re also seeing more and more actresses being open with their love of CBD oil.

For many CBD enthusiasts, seeing famous actresses being open about using CBD oil is like a breath of fresh air. It’s like a sign that CBD oil  is really a product that can be used by everyone. And people who are on the verge of starting CBD will most likely make a decision after seeing the endorsement of some famous actresses. If you’re curious about whom I am talking about, here are five famous actresses that use CBD oil publicly.

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1. Martha Stewart

I think many people have seen that segment where she was cooking some edibles with Snoop Dogg. If you have seen it, I don’t think you’ll be surprised that Martha Stewart loves CBD, especially CBD oil.

As a famous businesswoman and television personality, Martha has made many people fall in love with CBD oil. She has created a lot of buzz surrounding CBD oil and also relies a lot on it. Martha, being an insomniac, is regularly consuming CBD oil and other products such as sex gummies and flavored CBD drops from her own product line. She swore that these CBD products help her sleep much easier and better.

Furthermore, Martha Stewart is one of few celebrities who are tied with CBD companies. She even launched her own line of CBD-based pet products due to her love of dogs. It seems like even today, her love of CBD is still apparent ever since she started working together with many CBD companies.

2. Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star has told the public that she was impressed by how effective CBD oil is. She stated that CBD helps her with pain, anxiety, and stress relief. Ever since she discovered the health benefits of CBD, she just can’t stop using it. And the fact that she doesn’t get high from taking CBD only makes her love it even more.

Since the day she made that statement, many media platforms have been reporting it. It’s a huge promotion for the whole CBD industry, and I am sure many Canadians have started taking cannabidiol after hearing that Jennifer Aniston uses CBD oil. Unfortunately, she hasn’t talked more about cannabidiol or what her preferred method of using the oil is after that.

3. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the loudest actresses when it comes to CBD and its benefits. She has been open about her love of cannabis and cannabidiol since she was young, especially about the story of how she relies on CBD to relieve her menstrual cramps. And in recent years, she is even more outspoken about her interest in CBD.

Her stand on CBD even took an interesting turn when started a female-run business back in 2020. The company is called Whoopi and Maya and was launched back in 2014. And Whoopi also has a unique take on CBD, saying that it is inherently female-centric, making her stand out even more in the industry.

4. Emma Roberts

Canadians who have followed Emma Robert’s career should already know about her love of CBD. Since the start of her career, Emma has talked openly about using CBD products, and how much they help her to relax and ease some common ailments, including mood swings and anxiety.

Emma is also very active on Instagram – posting many pictures of her daily life and career. And on there, she has also posted several posts about CBD products. Recently, she has posted something about a CBD-infused bath bomb and said that she’s using it daily to improve her mood. There’s no doubt that she has attracted many Canadians to start using CBD oil and other products in the past few years.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna is never shy to talk about CBD. She is very open about it and loves talking about it on all of her social media platforms. If you haven’t already, you should follow her Instagram to see her talking about cannabidiol. And unlike most actresses, Rihanna doesn’t mind about other cannabinoids, such as THC. Many people also have speculated that the reason she always looks glowing and beautiful is that she takes CBD regularly.


There you have it, five famous actresses that use CBD oil and don’t hide that fact from the public. As mentioned already, I am sure all these actresses have influenced many people to finally try CBD. And considering that there are more and more famous celebrities who are doing the same thing, there will be more CBD users in the future.

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