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At Warehouse Lighting, we’re proud to provide customers with a diverse selection of LED shop lights built to last. Our collection of fluorescent light fixtures and LED lights for shops includes high bays, low bays, strip fixtures and so much more. You can visit our site www.lepro.com.

 We offer 4 foot LED shop lights and fluorescent fixtures at affordable prices. Made with durable housings and easy-to-install mounting options, these lighting solutions come with a range of warranty options to add to their already impressive value. When you need reliable LED shop lights to provide ample illumination, rely on Lepro for the right solution — every time.

The 5000K daylight white, 4ft linkable Lepro shop lights are bright enough to illuminate various places, including markets, basements, studios, kitchens, garages, factories, workshops, warehouses

Key features of 4 foot LED Shop lights

1. Installation of LED shop lights is very easy. Just follow three steps in this order. Hang it up, plug it in and then turn it on.  It also has option of surface mount installation.

2. These shop lights are linkable and have the ability to link up to 8 pcs together with the connector in the package.

3. These Lepro LED shop lights are ETIL certified and approved. They ensure safety and also provide 5 years warranty for customer support.

4. High quality LED shop lights are known for their high energy efficacy and cuts up 60% your electricity bills.

5. Lepro LED shop lights are built with best quality LED chips and housing materials which makes it energy efficient and also gives it 50,000h long lifespan.

6. 40W LED shop lights provide supper bright light of 5000k and its output is even higher than 4000 Lumens.

Lepro 4 foot LED shop lights

There are many companies manufacturing and selling efficient and reliable LED shop lights. Lepro is one of them which is best known for providing versatile LED shop lights. Other than that it also has High bay lights, parking lot lights, solar flood lights, LED ceiling lights, car lights and much more. The advanced technology and good quality material makes them ETL certified and are reliable for commercial use.

You can check out www.lepro.com for different light fixtures and can also get 10% discount om registering with a business account on our website. On purchasing products of more than $39 you will be not charged with shipping charges. You will get 5 years warranty on all the products and in case of any issue in the products, our customer support team can help you as well.


4 foot LED shop lights are more technologically advanced lights that use LED technology and more energy efficient which also decreases your electricity bills. They are specially designed to give direct white illumination giving effect of day environment. Lepro is one of the most reliable sources for providing best LED panel lights at reasonable prices.

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