4 most popular programming languages ​​that will not lose their relevance in the new year

The past year can definitely be called the year of cloud computing and open source applications. There are several reasons for this: the growth of consumer requests and, accordingly, the increase in the array of information that requires storage space. This also includes the growing need for data processing on the user side, that is, in the client browser.

With changing trends, the requirements for mobile applications have changed. It is not enough for the client to collect information. A person needs to know the user’s location, recent searches, preferences, gender, age, and many other personal data. With the tightening of requirements, there is an increasing need for universal and highly efficient tools for developing software products based on various programming languages. The list below and the link https://devoxsoftware.com/services/back-end-development-services/ provides a list of the most popular programming languages ​​that only strengthen their relevance.


An object-oriented language for data management on the server side. A popular solution that can be used for open source applications. Python makes it easy to create scalable and updatable code. There is a possibility of quick editing and improvement.

Python has gained popularity among many novice programmers. It is easy to understand and easy to learn. Python boasts the largest community base. Even in difficult situations, you can find answers to questions from open sources of information and forums without resorting to standard guidance.


A language for segmenting queries and processing information on the database side. Using SQL, it is easy to manage data on the server, extract the necessary information and structure queries. Objectively, this is a system for structuring, ordering databases to increase efficiency in the exchange of information between the client and the company.

SQL does not perform functional actions. It is an “organizer” and an intermediary for organizing tasks already set. Many databases use SQL syntax for efficient data exchange between the user and the developer.


PHP remains an effective code in various areas of development: it is best to use the language for data processing on the server side. Since PHP is fully compatible with the most popular HTML frame for creating website pages, it is easy to write most of the static, informational blocks on it, which eventually form the core of the Internet resource.

PHP code clearly demonstrates the features of internal coding and will be a suitable solution for many novice programmers.


Powerful and modern programming language for developing mobile applications. Developers use this language in conjunction with the .NET framework to develop the internal structure of a site. High performance, versatility and flexibility make it an excellent solution for creating software solutions, online resources and applications of any complexity.

The C and C++ product counterparts are upgraded versions that are easy to work with even for novice developers. The error protection system allows you to avoid incorrect syntax and minimize possible problems before you start testing the product.


Today, probably, there is simply no programmer who has not heard about Java. Most of the large and popular resources are written using Java technology. It is a universal language that can be used on any software platform and can be used to code for mobile applications and websites or software. You can check more about it in our company.

Java has the most potential implementation. This means that the language has the most templates for finished products. They can serve as a good example.

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