3D Animation in Architecture: Benefits and What You Need 

3D visualisation of interiors and exteriors of architectural objects allows you to make a positive and complete impression of future objects and draw the appropriate conclusions. Often, only a 3D image can convey information that is difficult to grasp with words and two-dimensional drawings. Modern three-dimensional modelling and rendering software successfully copes with the task of creating a high-quality and realistic image of the architectural object or interior (3d architectural animation services). 

3D graphics are often used when they want to see how the material or furniture will look in the interior, before you buy it for a lot of money, it is easier to make a photo-realistic visualization of the room and see all the pros and cons of a solution before the construction work. 

Development companies constantly use 3D visualisation to show their investors or future flat buyers what the interior, architecture and landscape of the surrounding area will look like, create 3D tours and video clips for such projects. 

3D models are an essential component of quality presentations and technical documentation, as well as the basis for creating product prototypes. The peculiarity of many companies is the ability to conduct the full cycle of creating a realistic 3D-object, from modeling to prototyping. Since all the work can be done together, it significantly reduces the time and costs of searching for contractors and setting new technical tasks.

When it comes to a product, professionals can help you produce a test series and then manufacture it on a small scale or on an industrial scale.

3D modelling enables interior designers and architects not only to visualise objects and interiors but also to test with colour, texture and placement of architectural elements or decorative objects. The field is quite narrow, but you can work with designers, architectural offices or architectural departments and marketing departments of construction companies if you wish (furniture modeling services).

The process of creating architectural 3D animation is quite complex.  It consists not only of constructing 3D models, but also of writing a professional script, creating fragments of the surrounding area, selecting or writing a unique musical accompaniment, professional voice acting, creating infographics, etc. Most studios spend months working on a project, after which they take extra time to finalize the comments of the customer. Some companies try to complete each stage of the work qualitatively in the shortest possible time. What helps in this: additional materials on the project (sometimes the customer already has some 3D-models. Their availability will significantly reduce both time and cost). Each project is unique and the cost is negotiated individually. For you company can create an architectural 3D video of one object or animation of a medium scale city. It all depends on your wishes and budget.

SketchUp is a great quick-start solution for beginners in 3D visualisation. The emphasis here is not on technical details, but on the ability to quickly and hassle-free solve simple tasks related to 3D visualisation, animation and sketches. 

If you need to “animate” a drawing or layout, visualize exterior, interior, or arrange furniture and objects, transfer the work from Autocad, Archicad, calculate estimates, object dimensions and surface volumes, create a 3D model for the game – feel free to choose SketchUp.

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