10 Tips To Earn A Promotion And Advance Your Nursing Career

After the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers around the world fought this disease as our frontline soldiers. They suffered injuries and even fatalities while treating patients and refreshing the nation’s dying hopes of recovery from the pandemic-ridden economy. Nurses weren’t even immune from the mental health problems ensuing from COVID-19, and many RNs reported being depressed. The pandemic has also motivated nurses to pursue career advancement opportunities to escape their monotonous routines and step into more diverse roles for the greater good. How can RNs earn promotions within the health industry and become successful in their careers today? We’ve gathered some suggestions here to help them attain better employment opportunities.

Getting promoted and furthering one’s nursing career

Statistics show that nursing’s considered the most senior care New Jersey profession in the United States. Nurses enjoy off-the-chart satisfaction ratings that surpass 90% while they’re paid handsomely for their services. Why do RNs seek promotions within this industry, then? Many nurses are excited about getting new job roles that help them acquire more responsibilities and embark upon challenging adventures. These roles lead to a higher earning potential (and we’re talking about over $100,000 each year). Nurses also want jobs that feel spiritually fulfilling and emotionally rewarding. That’s why we shall explain some great methods to advance in your career quickly.

  1. Continue learning

You need to obtain another degree/certificate to attain a higher position in the healthcare industry. For instance, getting a certification in ACLS is always a good idea when you want to climb the career ladder. How to choose the right graduate program for yourself? If you’re a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree under your belt, you should compare MSN vs DNP programs to discover the right path for your future. Evaluating different factors will help you realize your desired career pathway. With an increased emphasis on continued learning, hospitals in the future shall prefer RNs who have attained MSN/DNP with further specializations. So, bolster your educational credentials now.

  1. Find your passion

What are you passionate about? Every nurse has separate objectives regarding what they consider a career upgrade. Some RNs dream about handling administrative responsibilities, while others wish to become NPs for treating patients. Express your passion to identify what sort of career you want to create for yourself. It can help guide your academic endeavors, for which you may have to obtain specializations that are right for your career. That’s how you can create the perfect strategy for a career upgrade.

  1. Communicate effectively

You can’t ascend the career ladder without bolstering your communication capabilities. It helps RNs prove themselves as rightful candidates for managerial positions within the healthcare facility. When you’re communicating effectively with patients, colleagues, and superiors, it shows your competence. Thus, your seniors deem you eligible for a promotion. We believe that nurses should also boost their tech skills since post-pandemic medical conversations shall involve telehealth and telemedicine extensively.

  1. Be a team player

We suggest improving your networking capabilities because a team can make or break you. That’s why you must show your dedication to people to earn their approval. Don’t forget that promotions often make colleagues jealous and ruffle some feathers. But team-playing RNs can remain on good terms with everyone thanks to their friendly demeanor and cooperative nature. Hone your “social skills” to communicate effectively with your coworkers. That’s how you can attain excellence in this industry.

  1. Find a mentor

Nurses should find mentors to learn about the backstairs to success in an organization. So, who are these mentors? They’re your seniors whose experience you leverage for getting ahead and earning a promotion. They invest in your growth by becoming your career coaches. Many young nurses have struck friendships with several seniors, thereby having numerous mentors. They provide supportive feedback and teach you about improving your soft skills. So, make a mentor and become one too.

  1. Enjoy your job

You can’t earn promotions while being unhappy and annoyed with your current responsibilities. It’ll make you look not interested in work, thereby being ineligible for career upgrades. So, you should show some passion for your present jobs. Surveys indicate that over 90% of RNs love being a nurse, even though many would’ve chosen another vocation. If you’re excited about your duties and pleasant with colleagues, your chances of getting promoted will increase.

  1. Remain visible

Visibility helps you get promoted quickly since you’re introduced to managers as someone willing to accept further responsibilities. It’ll help you network effectively and stay on your employer’s radar. So, attend meetings and conferences to show that you’re available for a career upgrade. Participate in different projects and volunteer in health-related programs. These practices will make you known as a passionate employee who’s ready for career advancement opportunities bestowed upon them.

  1. Learn how to ask

Many well-deserved nurses aren’t getting promoted because they don’t know how to ask for a promotion professionally. Sometimes, a person who doesn’t have the same knowledge and experience as you earns a promotion merely because they know how to demand a career upgrade. Your employers are interested in learning why they should promote you. How can you benefit the healthcare facility if you get promoted? Then you can demand something reasonable (e.g., a heavier paycheck) as a reward.

  1. Use social media

You can follow nursing leaders on social media websites to benefit from their wisdom. These leaders are available on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they socialize and help members of the nursing workforce advance their careers. So, you can also become one by uploading your content online and branding yourself as a professional. Create a LinkedIn profile to remain well-connected with your colleagues and superiors. Post the right stuff and create a name for yourself.

  1. Control your ambitions

However, don’t allow your ambitions to overwhelm your mental well-being. Studies indicate that 55% of frontline healthcare workers experienced burnout this year. Working excessively for career upgrades may harm your mental and physical health, thereby making you susceptible to failures. So, we suggest going easy on yourself. Sleep properly, consume nutritious foods and remain hydrated. You should exercise regularly to control your emotions and focus on success while being healthy today.


Nursing seeking promotions must enhance their educational qualifications. Statistics show that only 13% of nurses today possess a master’s degree or a doctorate in nursing. The current nursing workforce can improve its career, and the pathway to improvement involves attaining better academic credentials. You should continue learning to prepare for upcoming challenges in the health industry. We suggest you find a mentor to guide your emotions. Remain visible by volunteering while communicating your demands to your seniors effectively. However, don’t let ambitions get out of hands and cause burnout. Perform your duties with pleasure and discover your passion. It shall help you advance to a career you cherish fondly.

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