10 Best Digital Data Extraction Tools For 2022

Data exists everywhere and in many different formats. Most of this data is present in digital form in today’s age – from web pages to local storage devices. When arranged and analysed usefully, this data can provide an incredible value.

That is why digital data extraction solutions are so necessary. Data extraction refers to retrieving data from different formats into a more practical design for further processing. In case of print or handwritten data, manual data entry services perform the same role. Note that data extraction precedes and does not comprise data processing.

Let us walk you through the top ten digital data extraction tools available in the market right now:

  1. Hevo Data

Hevo Data is considered the best data extraction tool by many experts.

Hevo Data is a Data Pipeline (no code) that allows the user to load data from databases, cloud storage, SaaS applications, streaming services, and various other sources. Its goal is to simplify the ETL process.

Besides loading the data to the required Data Warehouse, it also transforms it into an analysis-ready form. All of this is without a single line of code. Hevo is also scalable and fault-tolerant, ensuring data safety.

Here are some of the reasons why it is considered the best among digital data entry services are:

  • Hevo Data is secure.
  • It requires minimal learning.
  • It is built to scale.
  • Hevo can handle incremental data load.
  • It has live monitoring and live support.
  1. Octoparse

Another notable tool is Octoparse, which provides a user-friendly environment for creating scraping workflows without the need for coding. Additionally, tools like Web Scraper and Import.io offer browser extensions that allow users to scrape data directly from web pages with just a few clicks. These scraping tools empower users to gather valuable information from websites quickly and efficiently, without requiring advanced programming skills. Visit scraping tools here.

Octoparse is a cloud-based web crawler. This is one of the popular modern visual web digital data extraction solutions that allows easy extraction of data. Again, no coding is required.

Octoparse provides everything to automate your web scrapping. It is easy to use and can scrape websites with infinite scrolling, drop-down, login, AJAX, etc. Once the extraction is done, you can download the file as CSV, Excel, or API, or save it to databases.

Octoparse also provides schedule scraping, IP rotation, and cloud services. Needless to say, it is one of the best digital data entry services you have today.

  1. Import.io

Import.io is among other web-based digital data extraction solutions that extracts information from websites. Using import.io, you can structure valuable data from websites for further processing. Its pricing depends on the number of websites or web pages you intend to monitor in your data extraction. Like many other digital data entry services, you get an active consultation team to help optimise your services.

  1. Parsehub

To start with, Parsehub is an accessible data extraction tool. With this web scrapper, you can extract data in just a few clicks. They offer four plans — Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. These plans differ in their scrapping speeds, and companies are recommended to pick based on their requirements and budget.

  • Web Scrapper

Web Scrapper is one of the most popular digital data extraction solutions available today, and it is for a reason—it can replicate the entire website content elsewhere. It is a high-end data scraping tool, and customers must set up a meeting with their consultants before buying their services.

  • OutWit Hub

With OutWit Hub, you can scrape and organise data or media from web pages and other online portals. It extracts contacts, images, news, data, links, etc., from many webpages or search engines—all on its own. OutWit Hub’s program understands how to navigate pages in the sequence of results, which helps the automatic extraction of useful information.

Just like Import.io and Web Scrapper, OutWit Hub users must also set a meeting with their consultants before using their services.

  • Mailparser

As the name suggests, Mailparser is an email scraping tool. Using this digital data entry service, you can extract data from your emails and attachments to automate your workflow.

Mailparser offers four plans — Free Professional, Business, and Business++. Companies are advised to choose their plans based on their usage and budget.

  • Mozenda

With its cloud-based web scraping service, Mozenda claims to make data harvesting five times faster. Using Mozenda, you can scrape texts, files, images, PDFs, etc., from websites, organise them for publishing, and process that data to extract value.

They offer four plans — Free, Professional, Enterprise, and High-Capacity. You can pick one of these plans based on the requirement and budget.

  • DocParser

DocParser is a unique tool in our list. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it specialises in scraping data from documents. You can extract data from PDF to JSON, Excel, etc. DocParser helps convert data from the inaccessible PDF format to editable and computable formats like the Excel sheet.

DocParser uses Zonal OCR technology, advanced pattern recognition, and anchor keywords to identify and extract data. It has five plans to offer — Free, Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Again, based on your budget and requirements, it is your call to choose.

  • Table Capture

Table Capture is a Chrome extension, one of many well-liked digital data extraction solutions for webpages. Using Table Capture, you can easily extract HTML tables in Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Open Office, Google Sheet, etc.

It copies tables with proper column and row separators. You can also capture <div> tables or any repeating items on a website.

Table Capture is completely free to use, but you get additional features like directly downloading tables as CSV files if you upgrade to the Pro version.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, we rely heavily on Machine Learning to organise and assess a large amount of data. Without proficient data extraction solutions, one cannot achieve any of this. We hope this helped you understand the pros, cons, and capabilities of some of the best digital data entry services available today.

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