Beat Your Fears with SBI PO Mock Test

Many students fear taking exams, especially banking exams. Because a high level of preparation is required to excel and cope with the examination, students find it hard and difficult to get the required confidence before facing actual exams. Upgrade in every year curriculum, changes in exam structure, and difficulty in gaining general awareness are some … Read more

2021 US Open Winner Emma Raducanu’s Worth

At the beginning of 2021, Emma Raducanu was an 18-year-old schoolgirl taking her Economics and Mathematics “A” Leval exams in Bromley, Kent, England. By the end of the year, she was the latest female tennis sensation, worth an estimated £10 million. How quickly life can change. She may not be the youngest ever winner of … Read more

What is Computer vision and Where is Applied?

Modern lifestyles depend on computers and digital devices. From the moment we wake up, we look at our Smartphones for any calls or updates that we miss while we are asleep. Then we spend most of our day staring at the backlit screens in front of the computer or laptop. Constant exposure to bright blue … Read more

Most Popular Visual Techniques in Advertising

For an advertiser, there’s nothing like watching a Television announcement for a particular product or service in which to draw a review. This is twice true for the company itself as it can mean good gains over brand recognition. This can be attributed to the advertising ways developed by the advertising establishment that the followership … Read more