A Comprehensive Guide to Background Checks in Healthcare

A background check is more than just a standard job screening. Healthcare workers have the power to impact patients’ lives directly, and errors or abuse can be catastrophic for a hospital or healthcare entity. A background check for healthcare is typically a thorough investigation that includes searching public records, credit reports, and civil court documents. … Read more

Exploring the Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth is a wide range of remote healthcare services, including real-time video conferencing and remote patient monitoring. It helps address the social determinants of health that prevent people from visiting their doctors or seeking treatment, such as transportation costs and time off from work. The convenience of real-time remote telehealth benefits providers, patients, and insurance … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Taking Natural Probiotics?

Much research is going into probiotics and how they impact your immune system. Probiotics generally balance the gut microbiome, strengthen intestinal barrier function, stimulate immune cells, and ward off pathogens. This balancing act of friend and foe naturally occurs in your gut, but you can help it by adding more good bacteria to your diet. … Read more