Gary Lloyd Noland Puts Musical Conventions, Traditions, and Customs to the Test

Gary Lloyd Noland, in my opinion, clearly describes the differences among melody and loud sounds. “Both melody and loud sounds are mixes of sound waves of varying frequencies.” Music’s constituent pitches are definite, distinct, and logical, with a clear dominant frequency. The noise source frequencies are constant and unpredictable, with no clear dominating frequency.” As a result, … Read more

3 Common iGaming SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Is Keyword Research The Key To Great SEO

As there are so many online casinos in the industry, marketers need to learn about iGaming and casino SEO and include them in their overall marketing strategy. Online casinos need to integrate unique and well-planned search engine techniques to avoid mistakes that can affect the reputation of the online casino.  As a result, to stand … Read more

American Horror Story

American Horror Story

The American Horror Story TV series is a hot topic that has people on the edge of their seats. But the show is so complex that it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. The Quick Guide to American Horror Story is a comprehensive guide that takes you through every season, episode by episode, … Read more